Location Based Services

Given time, Location Based Services will without doubt revolutionize how small local business owners can communicate to their customers. Marketing your business, services and offers online has proved difficult for many small business owners due to the amount of online global competition, however smartphones with built in GPS means that now users will be searching for businesses in their current location and interacting with their social media contacts for entertainment value. This offers new opportunities, the majority of marketers are excited about this prospect and so should local business owners as this offers tremendous scope and innovative marketing methods to communicate to new customers as well as existing customers. Whilst this is a wonderful opportunity, business owners need to understand just how effective this new marketing method can be. Many of these location based services allow the user to interact and share their experiences live with all their social media contacts for example Facebook and Twitter contacts, this could be extremely beneficial should their experience be positive but obviously bad should their experience be a negative one. Some of the Popular Location Based Services are:Foursquare
Facebook Places
GowallaWhen users of these services check in to reveal their location, a business owner can offer them coupons, latest deals and products as a way of getting them through the door, and many of these services also offer analytics where the business owner can monitor, organize and manage these campaigns. Mobile phones are now the most popular consumer device on the planet, mobile phone users have almost reached a staggering 6 billion globally and the majority of new mobile phone sales are now smart phone devices due to the high demand for more advanced phone capabilities and features such as email, internet and office documents etc. The majority of these smart phones are GPS enabled allowing for Geo-location services. Smartphone users are becoming more familiar and knowledgeable with how location based services can be used in their everyday life,whether that be looking for great bargains, looking for a lovely meal or simply interacting with their friends or contacts. A recent poll has indicated that the majority of these users are willing and happy to receive information which is relevant to their current location. This should inspire small business owners to make a start on a new mobile marketing campaign and give their customers what they want. They have nothing to lose and should start learning mobile marketing methods before their competitors do.